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In an apartment on the first floor, the cracked floor was laid on a bed of sand about 10 cm. Before laying the new tile, should you remove all the sand and make a screed or slab? Is another solution better? Should an authorization be required from the trustee before starting the work?

In the preamble, note that any modification at the level of a floorespecially when it is structural like the one you are considering, suppose to ask for a authorization the trustee of the building and the owner of the unit if you are a tenant.
The idea of ​​replacing the sand with a screed or slab seems difficult to consider, because this solution certainly implies strengthen the supporting structure floor and therefore to intervene in the neighbors below.
However, it is possible to make a paneling on the sandthen to lay the flooring, tile or other.
A good solution would also be to achieve a dry screed by removing the sand and replacing it with specific insulating granulate, on which you will put panels (Fermacell or Placo, for example) that will support your new tiling.

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