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Replacing the sensor of a dryer

The sensor of a tumble dryer is an essential component of the appliance. It is not very difficult to replace it, but it requires the removal of several items of the dryer, since it is necessary to include his tank to access it. Be careful to respect the order of connection of the suppressor!

Necessary material

  • Screwdriver
  • Flat pliers

Dismantling the dryer

The top panel of the dryer, fixed here with three screws, must be removed. Undo his retaining screws.

Removal of the top panel

1. Remove the dryer top panel, secured here with three screws.

Disconnect the grounding and grounding wires from the suppressor.

Disconnection of the antiparasite

2. Once the upper panel has been removed, the connection of the suppressor can be accessed. Disconnect the connection wires from it.

Disassembly of the fixing screws of the rear panel of the dryer.

Unscrewing the rear panel

3. Now remove the rear panel of the unit. Undo the fastening screws.

A connection pin and the earth wire of the suppressor are disconnected.

Final disconnection of the antiparasite

4. Other supply wires can be connected to the suppressor: disassemble them.

We must now proceed to disconnect the wires supplying the resistance.

Disconnecting the resistance wires

5. Now disconnect the wires connected to the resistor.

The carcass of the dryer is connected to the ground. Disconnect the terminal lug from it.

Disconnection of the earth connection

6. With a flat-nose pliers, disconnect the grounding lug connected to the back of the tank.

Now you have to free the wires from their holding clip.

Staple for holding wires

7. Remove the wires from their holding clip.

The back of the tank is held by screws. They must be located.

Screw for holding the rear part of the tank

8. Mark the screws on the back of the tank.

The rear lid of the tank is fixed by screws that must be undone.

Unscrewing the rear lid of the tank

9. Unscrew the retaining screws of the rear part of the tank. Remove them.

It is now possible to access the dryer belt.

Drive belt

10. We now have access to the belt.

It is necessary to act on the tensioner to relax the belt.

Belt tensioner

11. Remove the belt from the pulley tensioner.

Remove the drum drive belt.

Strap Removal

12. Now remove the belt from the drum.

Released from its belt, the drum can now be removed from the dryer.

Drum removal

13. Remove the drum by pulling it out of the machine. Take the opportunity to control his condition.

Replacing the sensor of the dryer

The drum being deposited, it is possible to access the probe of the machine.

Access the probe

1. There is now access to the faulty probe.

The probe is connected to its wires by lugs which must be disconnected.

Disconnecting the probe

2. Remove the lugs from the connection wires of the probe.

An impression tip adapted to the screws and, here, an extension are necessary to make the fixing screws of the probe.

Undo the screws securing the probe

3. With an impression tip fitted to the probe fixing screws, remove the fastening screws.

It is now sufficient to pull vertically on the probe to extract it.

Extraction of the probe

4. It is now possible to extract the faulty probe.

Take a new probe, put it in place of the old one and reconnect the wires.

Replacement of the probe

5. Take the new probe and put it into the device. Screw the probe and reconnect the lugs on it.

Grasp the drum and slide it into position.

Drum replacement

6. Replace the drum.

Restore the tension of the belt in its tensioner.

Reassembling the belt

7. Reassemble the belt on the drum and replace it in the pulley tensioner.

Fit the rear lid of the bowl onto it.

Reassembly of the lid of the tumble dryer bowl

8. Replace the rear part of the tank and screw it on.

Do not forget to connect the ground wire to the frame of the dryer.

Reconnecting the ground wire on the carcass

9. Insert the wires into their housing and clip the earthing to the back of the tank.

It is now necessary to restore the connection of the resistance.

Reconnection of resistance

10. Remove the connection wires on the resistor.

Before resting the top panel, reconnect the suppressor.

Reconnection of the suppressor

12. Reconnect the power supply leads to the suppressor.

The rear panel can now be put back in place and secured by its screws to the casing of the unit.

Reassembling the rear panel

13. Now replace the back panel and screw it in place.

To finish the operation, replace the top panel and tighten its retaining screws.

Reassembling the top panel

15. Complete the operation by raising the top panel.

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