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Replacing a used VMC system is first and foremost choosing the new device that will take its place. Whatever the ventilation system to replace, the intervention of a professional is very strongly recommended here.

Replace your VMC with a more efficient system

A VMC at the end of its life or become obsolete, can be replaced by a more efficient device.
The choice of the new VMC will naturally depend on its advantages and disadvantages.

  • The most economical system to purchase is the VMC simple self-adjusting flow. But it does not offer the benefits of other existing systems.
  • Too old a VMC can be replaced by a VMC simple humidity-controlled flow that allows real energy savings.
  • Finally, replacing a used VMC with a dual flow VMC (the most efficient ventilation system) allows optimal thermal comfort and substantial energy savings.

Replace a self-adjusting VMC with a humidity-controlled VMC

The self-adjusting VMC group is usually kept in the non-habitable attic of the dwelling.

  • Once the VMC system is completely shut down, the ducts will be disassembled before inspecting and cleaning them. They can be kept here according to their state.
  • Subsequently, the self-adjusting VMC group is disassembled, and then installed in its place the housing of the VMC moisture-regulable.
  • The old ducts are then connected to the new fan motor. The box is then electrically connected and suspended.
  • Finally, the humidity-controlled extraction vents replace the old self-adjusting extracting vents, present in the sanitary and kitchen.

Replace a single stream VMC with a dual stream

The routing of the ducts of the double flow VMC is different from the simple flow. Replacing the block with another is not enough.

The single flow VMC already has the exhaust air system. It is therefore necessary to add the incoming air circuit, both of which must pass through the heat exchanger.

  • Installation of air inlet vents
  • Connection of the air inlets to the engine via insulated ducts
  • Drilling ceilings to install injections
  • Installation of ducts to redistribute fresh air to all living rooms
  • Closing the old air intakes.

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