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If your tile is stained or broken, do not panic because there is a solution to solve it without embarking on complicated work and without having to call on the skills of a professional. Just equip yourself with some tools to remove the damaged tile and install a new one. Follow our directions step by step to find a tile like new!

Why change a damaged tile?

It is sometimes useful to change only a tile if it is stained because it can affect the aesthetics of your entire wall or your floor. If it is cracked, it is strongly recommended to change it to avoid any water infiltration or to avoid injury. If it is tiled clipping, the technique is very fast and is without tools but if your tile is glued, it must be replaced by following a very simple technique to achieve and that requires few tools and few skills.

Replace a damaged tile: step by step

Necessary tools:

  • new tile
  • tile adhesive
  • jointing mortar
  • diamond disc grinder
  • drill with tile or concrete bit
  • mason's chisel
  • hammer
  • notched spatula
  • tiler bat

First, dig the damaged tile joint using the grinder and then drill a shallow hole in the middle of the tile to break it.

Remove the tile with the mason's chisel and the hammer. First, remove the center part before heading to the edges.

Once the tile is clear, scrape off the glue residue with the mason's chisel and hammer. Clean the area well and dust off to ensure the best possible adhesion of the new tile.

Then place the new tile and check the level by comparing with the rest of the tiles.

Apply a good amount of glue to the back of the tile using the notched spatula and set up the tile. Use small plastic shims to help you center better.

Level the tile with the tiler bat and hammer.

Then realize the new seal with the mortar and apply with a trowel.

Remove the excess seal and smooth with a sponge.

Let dry for one to two hours and clean the tile.

Avoid walking on the tile for a few hours to let it dry properly and prevent it from moving.

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