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A sleep merchant is an owner who rents a home to vulnerable people for the purpose of gaining a significant profit. The landlord is asking for disproportionate rents in relation to the proposed housing and the housing often houses more people than the law provides. The habitat is made dangerous at different levels: electrical standards not respected, presence of lead or asbestos, high humidity... What to do in this case and how to denounce a sleep merchant?

How to denounce a sleep merchant?

How to denounce a sleep merchant?

Sleep Walkers: What does the law say?

Accommodations rented by a sleep merchant are often unhealthy. Living conditions are therefore indecent. But the insanitary character is not always enough to speak of a sleep merchant. It is more the concept of decent housing that will define the sleep merchant rather than the notion of insalubrity. The law of 06 July 1989 defines the standards of decent housing.

In short, decent housing must not carry any risk to the safety and health of occupants and the homeowner has an obligation to ensure housing maintenance that he rents.

What solutions for the tenant?

The 2014 ALUR law reinforced the tenant's protection measures. It accentuates the controls of the owners who rent their property. To denounce a sleep merchant you can:

1- Contact the town hall to signal the insalubrity of housing and indecent living conditions. The mayor will ask for the signature of an order of insalubrity by the prefect.

2- Contact the ADIL from your department. You will meet competent lawyers in the field of housing. These associations have for mission to give you advices and they will be able to assist you in your steps. It is a free and valuable aid for tenants who are often afraid to denounce their landlord.

What is the risk of a sleep merchant?

This practice is recognized as a crime and may even fall under the Penal Code. A sleep merchant can be sentenced to a heavy fine or even a prison sentence. Faced with the law, these unscrupulous landlords voluntarily put their tenants in danger.

In case of prefectural decree declaring the insalubrity of the housing, the owner may be forced to relocate the occupants time to carry out the renovation work and rehabilitation of the property in a decent state.

Unfortunately, sleep merchants are not ready to disappear. Indeed, this practice is becoming more and more frequent because of the increase in poverty of a part of the population. The means of struggle against these donors without qualms must therefore develop.

If you have been a victim of a sleep vendor or are experiencing this situation now, feel free to let them know.

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