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The stainless steel sink (stainless steel) is a very common equipment in a kitchen. Although the material of this basin is known for its resistant and unalterable character, this material can still lose its luster over time and limescale stains can appear. Here are some tips to restore sparkle to a stainless steel sink...

How to restore radiance to a stainless steel sink?

How to restore radiance to a stainless steel sink?

Basic commercial products to clean a stainless steel sink

The first solution to shine a stainless steel sink is to use traditional products that are easily found in supermarkets or via Internet shops. And the choice is wide in this area, just walk through the "drugstore" department stores to find the right product to select according to the brand, performance or price. Descalers and anti-limescale cleaners are specially composed of specific substances that restore the shine to a stainless steel sink tarnished by the uses.

Stainless steel sink: Grandma's tricks

To shine a stainless steel sink, natural and organic tips are not lacking. Many products found in kitchen cabinets can also do the trick.

First, there are some fruits and vegetables that have very interesting properties. Lemon and potato are part of it. Both can be used to directly scrub the sink, the potato to be peeled beforehand. It is necessary to finish the maintenance by the passage of a cloth in microfiber.

Then, for restore radiance to a stainless steel sink, it is impossible to miss baking soda and the inevitable white vinegar of alcohol. For its part, the baking soda must first be diluted to form a paste to be applied directly to the sink. It must be allowed to act for a quarter of an hour before rinsing with a sponge soaked in hot water and then a soft cloth. As for the white vinegar, it is enough to impregnate a sponge, to rub, to rinse abundantly and the turn is played. Stainless steel shines like the first day and of course, without any chemicals. If the sink is soaked with a lot of grease, you can use black soap or Marseille soap to apply with a sponge.

And if the stainless steel sink is really stained?

There are also other effective products to restore radiance to a particularly dirty and dirty stainless steel sink. For the most recalcitrant spots, we can use chemicals (bleach, hydrochloric acid, citric acid...) sold in the trade but be careful because these substances are corrosive and can emit toxic fumes. You must protect yourself by wearing gloves, goggles, a mask and read the instructions for use before use. These products are however to be avoided or used sparingly as they can attack and damage the pipes. It is advisable to use more natural products.

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