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It is often necessary to redouble ingenuity to furnish a studio without having the impression that it is congested. There are nevertheless some tricks to arrange a studio of 20m ² so that it is practical and pleasant to live.

How to build a 20m² studio

How to build a 20m² studio

How to furnish small spaces?

First of all, you have to forget the large dining tables and the bulky storage space. In a studio of 20m ², the ideal is to privilege convertible and foldable furniture.
The big signs of furniture today sell folding tables for example which are arranged simply by folding them against the wall to free the space when one does not eat. When you need it, just take it out. In the same spirit, there are folding beds. When the evening comes, we go down the bed pressed against the wall to be able to go to bed without a large bed taking up all the space in the studio.

The convertible furniture are also a good way to develop a studio of 20m ². The best example is the sofa bed where you can sit during the day and sleep at night! For people who want a sleeping area and a work area, the mezzanine is ideal. In this case, my bed is raised to leave room for an office underneath.

Regarding the storage, if the studio has high ceilings, the best is to put shelves on the walls. In the case where the ceilings are low, it is better to choose storage on the floor, horizontally to not shrink the room more.
As for the kitchen, the studios are usually equipped with two small hotplates and a sink. Those who wish to have an oven and a microwave, the ideal is to buy a microwave oven. This avoids having too many kitchen appliances and can enjoy a significant gain of space.

The deco tips in a small studio

For give volume to the room, do not neglect the light. The brighter the room is, the larger the space looks than it actually is. It can also be interesting to hang mirrors on the wall to give an impression of volume.
In a studio, it is important to favor a colorful and bright decoration to not pack the room and give it a pleasant atmosphere.
Finally, to create spaces in a studio, there are some small tips. To have a sleeping area, we can for example put curtains around the bed, or ask a screen. You can also create a workspace by putting your desk in a corner of the room.

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