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The tile in the bathroom was laid on plasterboard, but in the corner the joint cracked rather at the bottom. So there is a leak. How to prevent cracking, except with silicone? How to "silicone" also a shower glass wall in the rules of art?

First, and contrary to what some companies claim, it is not the tiling joints to seal, but the support. Clearly, if you find leaks at the right of a degraded seal is that the support was not properly sealed before installing the wall tile.
Apart remove the entire tile, quench the support and rest a new tile, there is no durable solution. So you have the only solution to deposit the joint part concerned, to remove all the fragments of the joint until you reach the plasterboard. Then apply on the visible part of the plasterboard a underlayment waterproofing that you will find in any DIY area. Once this underlayment is dry, implement a new seal.
You can, of course, also just apply a bead of silicone seal or similar. it is simple, fast, but the behavior in time will remain random.
On how to make a sanitary seal, refer to our video: How to make a silicone sanitary seal.

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