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We transformed a semi-buried cellar to make it habitable (guest room and cellar). This room has a VMC and an air intake created 6 months ago (coring), however one of the walls (stone) cellar is covered with mushrooms. We would like to treat this wall, remove all traces of mold and then make a formwork. What are the materials to use?

In the immediate future, theinstallation of an electric dehumidifier powerful permanent drainage can improve things or even solve the problem.
The presence of molds and fungi in the cellar demonstrates that the air renewal system in place does not manage to fully manage the moisture that passes through the wall. It also proves a source of external moisture and contamination by fungal organisms. In any case, it will be necessary to treat the problem with a fungicidal product such as that used to combat dry rot.
As always, the first thing is to find the origin of the humidification of the wall and solve it (infiltration problem, lack of waterproof foundations, etc.). An external drainage at the house and a resumption of external waterproofness to the foundations are essential.
On a stone base, you must first remove all traces of mold, treat them and dig the joints.
Two solutions, which can be complementary, are possible.
• treat the joints with a lime plaster, this material being a good catalyst for moderate humidity arrivals;
• implement on the entire surface this same lime plaster, for the same reasons.
These coatings will let the wall breathe, the excess humidity must be managed by the VMC or dehumidifier.
Duplication is not recommended because it helps to maintain moisture in the wall and no longer allows for masonry to evolve. However, if you want to double this wall after treatment, use insensitive materials or not very sensitive to humidity: cement plates, breeze blocks, plaster bricks, cellular concrete, taking care to leave a gap between the lining and the wall, and installing at regular intervals (for example every meter) high and low ventilation.

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