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How to solve a panel deformation problem?

In 2008 a carpenter fixed Kronolux DFP 16 mm panels in wood fiber that have an insulating power and avoid the rainscreen.
In 2015, there was a lot of mold in the attic, and the panels were deformed. How to solve this problem?

Kronolux DFP panels are actually advertised as having the function of a rainshield, but according to the manufacturer's documentation, only for vertical use in timber frame construction. Since the project was completed in 2008, the company (if it still exists) must intervene in the framework of the ten-year guarantee.
If the company no longer exists and you have subscribed property damage insuranceyou have to look to the insurer. Otherwise, the manufacturer (Kronospan Luxembourg S.A) can also be seized directly under the guarantee of its products.

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