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My house is in limit of property. My neighbor has decided to make an extension of his house that will end up contiguous to mine on 2 floors. The work has started and I have several questions that I can not ask directly to the builder.
- When digging the foundations, the builder realizes that my house would not be well positioned (takes the opportunity to share my displeasure...), which forces him to shift the foundations of the expansion. To overcome this problem, he left a gap of 20 cm between my boundary wall and the new wall he does not intend to fill a priori. Does he have the right and what risks for my wall?
- At the beginning of the works, the builder demolished a low wall on the property line and thus entered my house without warning, is this normal?...
Are there organizations (free) to answer such questions?

The situation described seems to carry some complications. If your house is badly "positioned" (it would thus, if I understand correctly, encroach on your neighbor's land?), It is a priority to regularize the situation by a precise demarcation to be made by a surveyor, according to the right-of-way described in your deed of property. If your neighbor is accomodating, it will be advisable to regularize the situation amicably near a notary This will avoid you any complication in case of subsequent resale of your property like that of the neighbor.
Obviously, the company that operates at your neighbor does not have to enter your home without permission, but this is a secondary point, compared to the above.
In order to see more clearly, use an architect specializing in renovation operations. He will usefully advise you. But his services will not be free...

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