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How to strengthen a wooden floor in the attic? The house is old but well maintained. The goal is to develop the attic (75 m2) including a bathroom.

There are several solutions to strengthen a wooden floor. To be precise, it would be necessary to know its constitution, its dimensions, etc...
Some attic floors are sometimes sufficiently sized to support future development, others not. It also depends on whether one can intervene from the lower level or not. When the joists are for example of limited section, it will be necessary to double them.
Alternatively, install at the lower level one or more posts at mid-span of the joists, provided that or these poles can be supported on a support capable of taking charge. There is also a heavier technique known as "collaborative floor": one sinks on the old wooden floor a new thin concrete floor or resin mortar. The connection between the two materials is done using connectors or notches. The load resistance is increased, and this technique provides good sound insulation vis-à-vis the lower level. A dry screed could be the simplest solution, the overweight induced is quite limited.

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