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Stripping is an operation performed in order to give a second youth to the ground without having to replace it. The method and tools to be used differ depending on the type of coating. Here are some tips to pick a soil according to its nature...

How to strip a soil?

How to strip a soil?

Strip a tiled floor

The stripping of a tile is done when it has become too dull, with some blackened joints. Depending on the extent of the damage, several solutions are possible. If the tiles are dulled by impurities, grease or the like, using a basic detergent such as black soap, white vinegar or baking soda works well.

If the surface still seems "dirty", then it is necessary to use the major means and resort to chemical stripping with a dedicated product (a stripper shampoo for example). As for the cleaning of the joints, they will be stripped with a metal brush and the tiles can be joined with a suitable cement.

Strip tomettes

Stripping a floor in small tiles, which are often old, first requires a good cleaning with water with white vinegar, 70° alcohol or a cleaner adapted to the terracotta. If the tiles are waxed it is essential to remove this protection with a cleaning product.

To strip soil deeper the use of a chemical stripper and a single disc brush (to rent from a professional) is necessary. Once the deep cleaning is done, it is wise to revive the radiance of the tiles by using wax or linseed oil.

Strip a parquet floor

Like other coatings, wood flooring tends to tarnish over passages or polishes. It inevitably ends up getting dirty. Whether to revive its brilliance and / or prepare the application of a varnish or paint, stripping is required.

For painted or varnished floors, first apply a chemical cleaner. To avoid bursting the wood, stripping must always take place in the direction of the wood fiber. If you use a heat gun, be careful not to burn the wood. The intervention or advice of a parquet expert is not too much to avoid damaging the floorboards, especially if it is a beautiful old floor. In any case, it is advisable to follow the package leaflet and to protect yourself by wearing gloves, a mask and by working the window open because sanding gives off dust.

For a waxed floor, it is necessary to apply a detriter product with a brush. The product should act for a few hours and the residues should be removed with a quack brush.

Clean a carpet

Here we do not talk about stripping but rather deep cleaning. Even with regular maintenance, the carpet sometimes needs to be "stripped". We can then proceed to a leaching and shampoo with a suitable product and it is also possible to program a steam cleaning to overcome stubborn dirt while getting rid of mites.

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