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Here is an economical but not very ecological method unfortunately, to strip painted wood (the method works less well on varnish): use Décap'Four.

Here is the complete method:

1. Put a good layer of Decap'Four (about 1 cm thick) on the surface to be stripped.

Warning: do not cover too large a surface because it is necessary to remove the Décap'Four pretty quickly without what it dries and it is galère to remove.

2. Leave to act for 30 minutes. Warning: Do not wait any longer, otherwise the Décap'Four and the paint will become red and you have to start again.

3. Clean with warm water using a sponge with scraper. Tip: Provide several sponges (3 is good): the first to remove the bulk of the Décap'Four, the 2nd to scratch and the 3rd to mop the last traces.

4. Wipe with paper towels.

5. Allow to dry for half an hour.

6. Repeat a wet blow to pick up the last residue of Decap'Four and paint.

For those who think it's a joke, here's the wall I had to strip:

© Olivier Drieux

The wall is made of wood, covered with two different layers of paint (a brown and below a gray / blue)

and here is the result of the wall partially stripped: The rightmost, the wall before treatment In the middle, the wall after 1 passage to Décap'Four The leftmost, the wall after 2 passes to Décap'Four

© Olivier Drieux

On the other hand, the method works less well with varnish. If someone has a cheap trick like Decap'Four, I'm a taker.

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