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If you want to put a mosaic, know that the preparation and laying of the joint are essential steps and you must perform without making mistakes, if you want to keep a bright mosaic. Discover how successful the joints of a mosaic in 3 steps.

How to succeed the joints of a mosaic?

How to succeed the joints of a mosaic?

Why make mosaic joints?

Mosaic joints are essential if you want a successful and solid mosaic. Indeed, the joints contribute to the final result, so they are part of the decor and highlight the whole achievement. In addition, note that when a mosaic does not have a joint and that all tesserae touch, the mosaic is more fragile because the tiles are not welded together, and the moisture can infiltrate more easily between each one. between them, which will also weaken it.

The preparation of the mosaic joint

To succeed the joints of a mosaic, you must begin by preparing the joint paste properly, and its final texture is important for successful joint installation. Thus, you will start by mixing the powder and water, respecting the proportions indicated on the packaging of the powder. You will then mix the seal powder and the water with a tool, making sure that the mixture keeps a thick consistency: once mixed, the preparation must not flow but it must not be too dry. If you feel that the texture is not optimal, add powder or water depending on the result you want.

The steps to follow for the installation of the joint

Once your joint compound has an ideal consistency, you will be able to consider laying the joints of your mosaic. Thus, you will bring a utensil, and you will put seal on the mosaic before spreading well, so that each hollow is filled between the mosaic tiles. Do not forget to smooth the joint with the help of your utensil, because it must be at the same level as the mosaic: thus, the spaces filled by the joint must not be dug or curved.

Joints of a mosaic: think about cleaning

After laying the joint between the mosaic tiles, you will wait a few minutes to let dry. Then you can put a sponge that you have previously moistened on the mosaic tiles, to clean them. However, be careful not to rub too hard on the joint, the gesture must remain light. Finally, the day after the day of the installation you will be able to soak a clean cloth in white vinegar and pass this cloth soaked on mosaic tiles, in order to more effectively remove the last residues present.

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