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Widely present in the hotel industry, connected locks are slowly becoming popular with the general public. This technology redefines the function of traditional locks and improves their security.

Install a connected lock.

Replacing the house lock with a connected model has many advantages. Depending on the version, it allows to have a history of the entries and exits, to plan opening and closing hours, to distribute virtual keys to his relatives (family, deliverymen, babysitter...), or Lock and unlock the front door through a dedicated mobile application, badge or from the Internet.

A secure process

Major manufacturers such as Fichet, Vachette Assa Abloy or Okidokeys (a subsidiary of Somfy) now offer one or more models of locks connected in their catalog. They come in the form of a complete lock block that comes to replace the original lock or a adapter which adds functions connected to the existing lock. This is the concept of the model installed here, developed by the Austrian manufacturer Nuki. Simple to install and use, this connected lock offers increased security thanks to an encryption mode that complicates its hacking.

Quick installation

The lock is in the form of a casing that attaches, inside the door, on the original lock with its key inserted in the barrel. Compatible with all European cylinders (multipoint, double cylinder, crutch...), it matches the shape of the lock with one of the two mounting plates provided. It integrates a Bluetooth module and one motorized mechanism powered by four AA batteries (provided). In addition to a front control button to open or close the door from the inside, it can be controlled remotely via a mobile app dedicated (Android or iOS). A function called "Auto Unlock" uses the geolocation of the smartphone to automatically open and close the lock as soon as the user approaches the door. The manufacturer offers a "Combo" versionA more complete Wi-Fi gateway that connects the lock to the Internet, and also offers an optional Bluetooth keychain as a wireless remote control.

Elements of the lock connected.

  • Simple to install, the lock is accompanied by two separate mounting plates more or less deep to fit the different sizes and shapes of European locks.

Install the Nuki Home mobile app.

  • To follow the installation instructions and then connect the lock, you must download and install theNuki Home mobile application on an Android or iOS smartphone.

Position the corresponding mounting plate on the cylinder on the inside of the door.

  • Position the mounting plate corresponding on the cylinder on the inside of the door.
  • One is fixed with a hex key and a set of screws provided.

Insert the original key into the barrel.

  • The other plate is covered on the back with a self-adhesive surface. It sticks directly on the old lock.
  • Then insert the original key in the barrel.

Clip the lock block onto the mounting plate.

  • Place the four AA batteries in the housing provided for this purpose.
  • Then simply clip the lock block on the mounting plate.

Press the lock button a few seconds.

  • Press the lock button a few seconds until a blue light flashes
  • Follow the instructions on the application to establish the Bluetooth connection.

Connect the Wi-Fi bridge to a power outlet.

  • Then connect the bridge Wi-Fi on a mains socket.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to connect the lock to the Internet (Combo version only).

Open the lock via the mobile application.

  • The lock can be opened via the mobile application or set to lock / unlock automatically by geolocating the smartphone of the occupants of the house.

Practical advice

  • When the charge level batteries goes down within 20%you have to change them. Just check the application to avoid being caught off guard.
  • Preferably install the lock on a cylinder equipped with a emergency function which guarantees that it can be used even if another key is engaged on the other side.

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