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How to waterproof a cracked tiled terrace where bands rise due to infiltration of rainwater and freezing the house at 1070 m as there is a garage below? Should we install a water-resistant slab or put a layer of resin?

At the description of the facts, if one wishes to reproduce thesealing of the slab, first, we have to remove the entire tile, then reconstitute the tightness of this terrase. We can do it with a SALT (liquid sealing system), which can be applied to the roller like a paint. Then everything depends on the finish that you want to give this terrace. The tiled surfaces age poorly in this kind of region, because of thermal shock (sun, cold) and risk of frost. For example, we can move towards a wooden deck, the visible elements being fixed on adjustable pads simply placed on the liquid sealing complex.

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