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If your carport is not very useful to you in the state or you need to arrange a space inside, it is quite possible to change its destination. Take knowledge of the tricks to transform a carport, discover some transformation ideas to get the space you need.

How to transform a carport?

How to transform a carport?

Various possibilities are available to you to transform your carport:

  • In garage
  • Terrace
  • In veranda
  • In pergola
  • In a garden shed
  • And many other possibilities!

Transform a carport into a garage

The carport is not a garage, since it is an open car shelter that consists of a roof mounted on 4 to 8 pillars. But it is possible to exploit the structure of the carport already present, in order to turn into a garage. To do this, you have to hire a professional because you will have to erect masonry walls and install a garage door. In addition, it may be wise to isolate a little bit the structure once mounted, and think of openings or finishes, depending on the accessories that will accommodate the garage.

Transform a carport into a terrace

If you want enlarge the terrace area from your garden, you can again exploit the carport already installed. Indeed, it is not uncommon to need umbrellas or a shade to shelter from the sun or bad weather when taking advantage of the outdoor space. The carport allows you to benefit from a shadow zone to shelter you. You can place your garden furniture, table and chairs, to take your meals outside when you receive many people and the weather lends itself.

Transform a carport into a veranda

Transform your carport into a veranda is a project that can be considered, provided you have a professional. Indeed, when one builds a carport, one does not necessarily envisage that it will one day become a veranda. And all the difficulty lies in glazing installation, often of standard size and are difficult to install. Ask several professionals for quotes and an opinion on the best way to turn the carport into a veranda.
Finally, think of the access between your home and the future veranda: it will certainly be necessary to build a door so you do not have to go outside to go to the veranda.

Transform a carport into a pergola

The pergola is under the same shape as the carport, since it is a roof mounted on pillars. The carport can easily be transformed into a relaxation area and will act as a pergola. You can hang garlands of light, install chairs, deckchairs and sofas to enhance the comfort of all. Not to mention the spa that will fit perfectly under the carport transformed: this will allow you to enjoy relaxing moments sheltered (e) throughout the year.

Transform a carport into a garden shed

The carport is very functional and can easily be converted into a garden shed. Indeed, several possibilities are available to you:

  • Install yourself tarpaulins on the sides of the carport to close it completely, allowing you to store and store all the equipment and accessories you want, they will be sheltered.
  • You can hire a professional who will erect stronger and more durable walls, which will allow you to obtain a resistant and isolated garden shed.

Video Instruction: Watch this Video Before Turning Your Carport into a Garage or Living Space