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Start a boiler is not an innocuous operation: it is not enough to press a button "ON" or "ON". To be sure of not making a mistake, it is essential to scrupulously follow the recommendations of the manual. If the latter is not present and you have no idea how a boiler turns on, it is strongly recommended to call on the expertise of a specialist.

A boiler start in the rules

To operate a boiler safely, it is essential to refer step by step to the instructions for usenot. This document usually provides clear instructions for lighting the installation. If you do not have one, you can always go to the manufacturer's website, which sometimes provides the procedures to follow. In any case, it is recommended to have in your hands a certificate of conformity issued by an authorized professional heating engineer and a manufacturer's warranty to be covered by the insurance in case of boiler failure.

How to light a boiler?

Before being able to start a boiler for the first time, it is necessary to connect the device to the source of energy and to the various elements of the circuit (power supply, chimney...). In particular, it is necessary to carry out various adjustments and verifications according to the type of apparatus (pressure and water level, electrical voltage, thermocouple, programming, burner cleaning...) to ensure maximum safety when using the boiler.

Of course, it is advisable to entrust the settings and commissioning to a heating expert. Even though this verification and start-up operation is a cost, we benefit from the expertise, advice and know-how of a specialist.

Precautions to take

Above all, it must be emphasized that the simplest boiler to start is probably the one that is propelled by electricity. Indeed the source of energy is simple and the verifications are minimal.

The procedures are therefore more delicate for models of boilers operating on gas or oil. These devices involve, in fact, additional connections for the power supply. Here, it is necessary to show a precision of surgeon in order to avoid any leak of gas.

Pre-start checks

Depending on the type of boiler, various checks are necessary before starting the appliance:

  • the water level and the pressure of the boiler
  • the ventilation system
  • the chimney (sweeping, sealing)
  • the programmer
  • fuel supply (gas boiler or oil boiler)
  • the burner / thermocouple
  • the connections to the electric current...

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