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If despite regular maintenance and preventive measures against the formation of plugs, the situation is clogged in your sink, here's what to thin it.

Unclog a sink, the basic solutions

In general, do not wait to intervene. Stagnant water is smelly and waiting is useless in this case. Knowing that the plug is usually in the bend of the siphon, here are the first steps to take.

The sucker is the oldest manual unblocking system. Simply plug the overflow with a cloth to prevent water from going up this way. It is then necessary to stick the mouth of the sucker against the hole of the bung. Then pour the water that must cover the suction cup and ensure a perfect adhesion of the surfaces in contact. You just have to operate the suction cup. The pressure causes a call for air that raises the cap to the surface.

If this mechanical solution does not work, go to chemical unblocker. This product is based on soda which dissolves the cap by reducing it into fine particles. It is essential to read the manual carefully. Some products require hot water, others cold water. In all cases, it must be handled with care, capped after use and kept out of reach of children. It works after half an hour or an hour and you can repeat the operation.

Unclog sink, bottom actions

If none of these attempts are successful, move to more direct methods and disassemble the siphon. First place a basin below, to collect the waste water. Then unscrew the large fastener by hand, most often with a wrench. Once, the open siphon, the waste water and the plug thus released pour into the basin.

If this solution does not succeed, proceed at the ferret. It's a long flexible rod surmounted by a head with small brushes or a hook. He sneaks into the pipes and can pass an elbow. Obviously this solution is useful when the plug is beyond the siphon.

Another case, when the cap is not in the siphon. It can be located in a pipe belonging to the common areas and therefore the co-ownership. Call on your neighbors and if they also have problems with the flow, contact your property manager. Otherwise, contact a plumber and do not forget to have a preliminary quote.

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