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Aging shrubs, sick or overgrown... there are many reasons to uproot a hedge. However, the operation is difficult, and it requires strength and patience, especially if the hedge is coniferous. How to uproot a hedge? Here are the steps to follow.

How to uproot a hedge?

How to uproot a hedge?

Strip the shrubs

The tearing up of a hedge begins with an exposure of the different shrubs, that is to say the withdrawal of all the branches attached to each trunk. To do this, the different branches are removed, depending on their size, by means ofa chainsaw, a lopper or pruner.
The slaughtered branches must then be evacuated, obligatorily in waste. Depending on their quantity, this requires the use of a truck said large volume, or more return in a smaller vehicle or with a trailer.

Remove the stump and the roots of the shrubs

The second step is to remove trunk, stump and shrub roots. There are two options for this, including functions of the variety (s) that make up the hedge.
The first, easier but more expensive, is to rent a mini-excavator that will allow, by pivoting effect, to uproot in one go the entire body of each shrub. Each trunk can then be cut into pieces and then removed with the stump and the roots.

The second method, certainly cheaper, requires more personal investment. The trunk of the shrubs must first be sawn up to about 40 centimeters from their height. A trench is then dug with a spade. The earth must then be removed, as and when, and by hand, all around the roots to be able to clear them and cut them, with the saw, the delimbeur or the ax according to their diameter. Only in this way can the stump move and exit the hole, cutting the last stubborn roots if necessary.

Clean the floor of the old hedge

Whatever the purpose of the vacated location, the land must be returned. This operation makes it possible to remove any remains of roots and to loosen the soil. Manure or special potting soil can be added to feed it, before finally leveling the surface.

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