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Uprooting a tree is an operation that requires specific techniques. You have to get rid of not only the trunk but also the stump and especially the roots. Different methods can then be put in place. Uprooting can be done manually, mechanically or chemically.

How to uproot a tree

How to uproot a tree

To uproot a tree: the different methods

  • The manual method

Above all, it must be emphasized that it is not a question of uprooting a tree by hand, it would be a herculean operation, practically impossible. It is rather to tear the tree and its stump by appealing to a powerful vehicle after having wrapped a chain around the trunk.

Different precautions must be taken:
It must be ensured that the vehicle used is quite powerful (a 4x4 for example) and that it has a towing system specific. It is important not to attach the chain to a place that is not provided for this purpose, under penalty of causing significant damage. Moreover, the movement of the vehicle must be smooth, smoothly.

  • The mechanical method

In practice, the tree is gently pulled until the roots come out of the ground and can thus be cut. If it is an old tree and the roots are too big, it will be impossible to clear everything. It will then cut the roots to unbalance the trunk and make it fall. In extreme cases, it is necessary to make holes all around the tree in order to eliminate everything.

The mechanical method is based on the same principle as the manual method, with the difference that a specific machine like a backhoe or traction equipment that makes it easy to clear the stump. The operation is easier and faster but of course more expensive, since it is necessary to rent the professional equipment but also to pay the driver. In any case, be careful not to ransack the surrounding garden or facilities such as a swimming pool or garden shed.

  • Chemical technique

This technique to uproot a tree consists of a chemical staining. It is more precisely to devitalize the latter by using a chemical substance that will kill the tree from within. The product in question will be "injected" into the trunk after having made a hole of a depth of about ten centimeters. A solution based on sodium chlorate or ammonium sulfate is generally used.

It must be emphasized that these chemicals are extremely dangerous because the fumes and any contact with the skin are toxic. Only specialized professional companies can use these harmful substances both for health and for the environment.