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19 tips for cleaning linen clothes

The natural fibers that make up linen fabrics and clothing break easily when not properly maintained. A stubborn stain, for example, may discolor and alter the suppleness of the textile. Carefully cleaning it with proper linen care will help maintain its soft characteristics.

Favor a gentle wash for flax

Flax fibers can be damaged by frequent washing or encrusted dirt. To prevent this from happening, it is best to take the initiative to wash the splashed part as soon as the stain appears. The best way to preserve the material and the color is to use sweet products. However, it is important to know that using a washing machine or dry cleaning will help wrinkle the fabric. The ideal would be the washing by hand. Indeed, this operation is to be carried out smoothly taking into account the various steps recommended. It should be noted that there are two hand cleaning techniques, including the stain removal and the bath.

  • Stain removal involves applying the detergent directly on the spot, rinse and dry the clothes in the open air. This technique contributes to preservation of flax fibers known for their high sensitivity to moisture.
  • The bath is to immerse the laundry in a sink, in a basin or in the bath if it displays a large volume. Then just pour the detergent and scrub gently. The rinsing step is done in a cold water bath. For drying, it can be done in a tumble dryer or in the open air.
To fix the colors while mitigating the risk of rubbing one cloth over another, it is necessary to sort them first. Never put white clothes with colored ones. Some precautions before use and before washing are also to be respected to improve the resistance of the fabric to the stains. Thereby, during the first wash, it is strongly recommended to let it soak overnight in cold water mixed with white vinegar. The linen fiber will soften, which optimizes the fixation of the color. For spinning, nothing is more convenient than laying the laundry out in the sun, making sure it is stretched properly to eliminate wrinkles. This classic technique is intended to facilitate ironing. Warning! Under no circumstances should the "special linen" detergent be mixed with another product containing chlorine. This material is precisely known to yellow the flax fiber.

Remove brands of household products on linen

Occasionally, clothing or linen linens are accidentally stained during the household. Depending on the nature of the stain, it is quite possible to get rid of it by adopting the right gestures

  • For polishing stains, simply remove the fresh product with a spoon. Then use a cloth soaked inlighter essence or white spirit to clean the affected part before sending it to the washing machine.
  • For bleach stains, rub the mark using a piece of cotton impregnated withoxygenated water, then send it directly to the washing machine.
  • For fabric softener stains, it is best to soak the garment in foam-based bath. Marseille's soap diluted before rinsing with clean water.

Eliminate food stains on linen

There are many foods that can leave ugly marks on flax.

  • Red wine: it cleans itself with Marseille's soap before going to the washing machine.
  • White wine: spread absorbent paper on the stained area at first. Using a cotton swab soaked in household alcohol, then dab the targeted part. Pass a sponge moistened with vinegar before finishing stain removal in the washing machine.
  • Coffee: Scrape an entire soap on the soiled part and finish with a machine wash.
  • Vegetable food oil: pour salt on the splashed area. Wait a whole day, the time that the chemical reactions operate, before gently dabbing everything with a sponge soaked with a solution of Marseille soap.
  • Butter: use a piece of cotton impregnated withammonia diluted on the trace. Leave on for a few minutes before sending everything to the washing machine.
  • Chewing gum: first remove excess chewing gum previously frozen and solidified (using a few blocks of ice). A cutter will do the trick. Then, polish the rest with a sponge pre-soaked in white vinegar or90° alcohol.
  • Mayonnaise: gently rub the affected area with a cotton soaked in vinegar, then pass the laundry to the machine.
  • Turmeric: use a piece of cloth moistened with dishwashing liquid to polish the stain before putting the laundry into the washing machine.

To leave the various traces on linen

Other products and accidents can stain on a garment or linen cloth. To overcome this, it is advisable to apply the good tips:

  • For a brand of oil paint, make the stain disappear with white spirit. Wait until the detergent dries in the open air before washing with the machine.
  • For a water-based paint brand, send the laundry directly to the machine by adjusting it upstream on a cycle identical to that adopted for cotton fabric.
  • For fuel stains (tar, fuel oil or fuel oil), remove the fat from the surface with an abrasive sponge. Dab gently with cotton moistened with chlorinated solvent. Pour a bit of Sommières soil on the affected area. Leave on for a few minutes before treating with a broom.
  • For traces of mold, moisten the spotted part with28% ammonia before going to the washing machine.
  • For a brand of gasoline, soak the flax in a vinegar-filled vat before completing the machine wash.
  • For a soot stain, sprinkle the soiled area with diluted scouring agent. Continue the treatment with a little bleach applied with a damp sponge and finish with a rinse with clean water.
If the stain is of unknown origin, it is recommended to Soak the fabric in a liquid solution of Marseille soap for a few minutes and pass the treated fabric to the washing machine.

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