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Practical tips for cleaning silk clothes

Wearing both during the summer and during the winter, silk is a fabric made from natural fibers. It requires special maintenance to extend its life. However, it is not necessary to use the services of a cleaner. A hand wash with the right detergents and you're done!

Check if the color is bleeding

Before cleaning the silk, whether by hand or machine, it is important to ensure that the color does not fade. To perform this test, simply tap a cotton ball soaked in water on a corner of the garment, for example on the inner seam. If the color does not fade, it can be washed without problems. This test is particularly necessary before the use of certain cleaning products such as vinegar or alcohol. If the fabric fades, a dry cleaning is more recommended. In any case, it is better to treat the stains as soon as they appear to facilitate the cleaning and to ensure to find a fabric like new.

Remove stains from silk

Getting rid of stains is the second step before cleaning the silk garment. Soft solutions are more suitable for maintaining this fragile fabric. A mixture of warm water and lemon juice or vinegar is effective. Before using this detergent, it is better to test on a non-apparent area. If the fabric does not fade, soak the dirty part in the mixture or use a sprayer to properly apply it. This solution is suitable for removing traces of perspiration or deodorant. For stubborn marks such as food stains, nothing like a mixture of water andalcohol or d'ammonia. Better to use more vinegar than water or add them in equal proportions to get the desired result.

  • To remove an ink stain on silk, use a mixture of water and alcohol.
  • Ammonia is more effective for cleaning wine, chocolate or cosmetics stains (nail polish, foundation, make-up, perfume, etc.).

The products used to remove a stain on a silk garment vary according to the nature of the mark.

  • To clear food grease stains on silk, apply a little bit of talc on the marks, let stand a few minutes, then remove the talc with a brush.
  • To erase a spot of mayonnaise on silk, nothing is more effective than mineral essence solution.
  • The mustard marks on a silk garment are stubborn. To overcome this, the area to be treated must be dabbed with a tissue soaked in Marseille's soap diluted ammonia, then scrub with a vinegar sponge and immerse in a sweet water bath.

Wash the silk by hand

Fragile, the silk should be cleaned with precaution. Hand washing is better for preserving its quality.

  1. Fill a bowl or basin withlukewarm water.
  2. Add 5 ml of soap or mild detergent.
  3. Immerse the garment completely in water.
  4. Stir gently with your hands so the soap gets into the fibers.
  5. Let stand for four minutes.
  6. Rub the dress gently against himself.
  7. Insist on stained areas.
  8. Eliminate the water and wash the bowl to get rid of leftover soap.
  9. Fill the basin again, but with cold water this time.
  10. Rinse the garment.
  11. Repeat until the water is clear.

It is possible to add 5 ml of hair conditioner in the rinse water to make the fabric softer. In addition, some silk clothes lose their clothes after washing. To remedy this, simply spray a starch veil.

The washing of the silk in machine is possible if the color does not disgorge. It is imperative to protect it in a pillowcase. In addition, the temperature should not exceed 40°, on a wool cycle. On the other hand, washing by hand is prohibited for silk garments dotted with pearls or embellished with embroidery. For this type of clothing, it is advisable to call a professional.

Dry the silk

Drying a silk dress is a delicate step. Like wool, do not tumble dry. Just use a towel to absorb the excess water.

  1. Lay a towel on a table.
  2. Put the garment on it.
  3. Roll the set gently.
  4. Repeat the operation.
  5. Hang the garment on a wooden hanger or plastic and dry it in the open air, in a place sheltered from the sun.
  6. Close all knobs or closures, as well as the knots so that the coat regains its shape after drying.

If there are creases, refrain from ironing the garment. Just hang it in the shower. The hot water vapor will relax the folds. In case they persist, it is possible to consider using the iron, but set at low intensity.

Some recommendations to avoid damaging the silk

Cleaning a silk suit is a risky exercise. Here are some recommendations to make this task less restrictive and ensure the life of the garment:

  • For stain removal, never use bleach at the risk of yellowing the garment. Whitening products also have to proscribe.
  • Avoid powdered laundry products as they contain whiteners. Instead, prefer a liquid detergent or Marseille soap. The most delicate clothes can be washed with baby shampoo.
  • Wash each piece of silk separately.
  • Hot water is prohibited for washing the silk at the risk of shrinking.
  • Never soak silk for more than 5 minutes in soapy water.
  • Rinse in a basin and cold water. Machine spin is strongly discouraged.
  • When washing by hand, avoid rubbing too hard or twisting the garment.
  • During drying, put the silk in a corner perfectly away from sunlight. Exposed, this material may fade.
  • Do not put the garment or silk piece to dry on a radiator or other heat source.
  • Ironing is done at a gentle temperature and with a pattemouille. The iron must be at low temperature. In the same way, the gestures must be light and soft so as not to damage the fabric.

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