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I would like to sanitize a one-eye bathroom in a 74's apartment. I have a low and high aeration in the bathroom! Is it sufficient? Because nothing really dries well in the bathroom and there is a humid atmosphere... Can I mechanize the extraction of air? I do not know how to know if the ventilation ducts are connected between each apartment, do the buildings of this era have independent ventilation ducts ?? Can I install a towel dry dehumidifier to compensate for this lack of ventilation?

There are point ventilation systems. This type of ventilation consists of installing independent electric extractors in the rooms that need them most. The most common are the centrifugal extractors which have a propeller motor. If you had been in a detached house without VMC, you could have installed this kind of extractor either on a window, or at the top of the wall if it looks directly on the outside, or still connect it to a pipe that would cross the attic and would go out on the roof. An air intake should be created in the nearest room for the system to be effective.

In the case of a collective building, you must find out about the nature of the ventilation duct. In any case, you can not "mechanize" without the notice and agreement of the rental trustee or co-ownership. at the risk of disrupting the operation of the entire system.In contrast you can actually put an electric dehumidifier, provided to respect, for its connection, the safety rules in the bathroom (especially never place it unless 60 cm from the bath or shower). In this configuration, a heated towel rail will improve the efficiency of the appliance.

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