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Window-farming is a "window garden". It is a form of hydroponics without artificial lighting that hangs in front of a window. The idea was launched in 2009 by a New York artist, Britta Riley, and she quickly conquered the Internet sphere.

Window farming

The objective is to produce vegetables and herbs not to have fun, but to satisfy in part the consumption of the family. This is a fairly elaborate "do-it-yourself" that uses bottles of mineral water recovery, fitting them into each other the neck down to form columns.

Grow your vegetables at the window with windowfarming

Each bottle is cut to fit in the middle of the culture pot filled with substrate. The lower part is opacified with aluminum foil to prevent the proliferation of algae.
As in any hydroponics, there is a tank and a pump, in this case an air pump, which allows the oxygenation of the nutrient solution. The technique is not revolutionary because it is a classic hydroponic culture. The good idea is to use recovery equipment and hang the whole thing in front of a window for do without artificial lighting.

However, the American or British windows, generally with guillotine, are better adapted to this system than those of Western Europe, with two doors. Indeed, the columns of bottles obstruct the opening, but we can install this kitchen garden in front of a bay window or in a veranda, or in front of a well-lit wall.
If artificial lighting is used, this system can be installed in any room. In any case, the concept is interesting, allows great success and its success shows the growing interest that this type of culture raises.

Book cover Indoor culture: hydroponics, lighting, ventilation, fertilizer

This construction is extracted from the book "Indoor cultivation: hydroponics, lighting, ventilation, fertilizer" published by Rustica.

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