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Thanks to the Canadian well, you can enjoy an optimal temperature inside the house throughout the year, whether it is cold or very hot outside. What are the essential elements to check when I ask for an estimate for the installation of a Canadian well?

Canadian well estimate: check points

Above all, it is necessary to ask for several quotes in order to choose the most interesting after comparative (both in terms of quality of installation and price). The first criterion to take into account is the level of competence of the company. It is preferable that the installation of the Canadian well is the professional's core business to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Then you have to be attentive to the proposed material. This must be of good quality accompanied if possible by a detailed technical sheet or a reference of the product.

Then, various services included in the estimate are to be verified. Can the professional take care of all the operations related to the installation of the Canadian well? Attention, the cost can vary according to whether it is a new construction or a renovation. In the second case, it is necessary to envisage the expenses of earthworks and digging which weighs heavy on the final invoice.

And we must not forget to check the various available guarantees such as the ten-year guarantee or the subscription to a professional insurance for example.

How to choose a reliable professional?

Given the investment of a Canadian well, it is strongly recommended that only a professional certified and recognized in his profession. It is then advisable to inquire about its references. For a provider located in the area, it should not be difficult to find customers among the neighbors and do a little investigation. It is also possible to consult the Internet forums to know the opinions and comments of the customers. In any case, you should be able to ask all the questions on the subject and get clear answers.

For its part, the professional must also ask as many questions as possible (what type of construction, what is the nature of the soil?...) and ask for some essential plans to carry out the mission entrusted to him. In particular, it must learn about the feasibility study before starting work to install a Canadian well.

I am asking for a quote for the installation of a Canadian well

In order not to be mistaken in this important step and opt for the best price / quality quote, this document must mention each phase and realization in a detailed way: the date of the beginning of the works, the time of completion (it is necessary to be wary if that it is too short or too long), the equipment used, all the costs to be expected... A good quote must not have unforeseen expenses at the last moment.

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