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Owner of a single-storey house, I would like to insulate my attic which has glass wool just above my ceiling and nothing in the framework of which a loss of heat and impressive at the same time isolate phonically. What do you recommend? Knowing that I'm changing all my wooden doors and windows with PVC to the new standard. Thank you for your answer and keep up the great show!

If you do not use your attic, the solution of isolating only the floor of it is very effective, provided that the layer of insulation in bulk or in strips is sufficient (30 cm) and that the caulking device is satisfactory. You will not get better insulation by equipping the underroof (and the opposite result is even likely if you do not heat your attic...). In the same way, by increasing the thickness of the insulation layer, you will improve your acoustic comfort. If you change your windows, pay attention to ventilation!

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