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To install partitions or to double walls with ease, plasterboard is the solution. Easy and quick to install, they allow to change the organization of the space without major work. With the Ikebana® range, Placo® further improves the ease of installation and decoration possibilities by giving these plasterboards a decorative facing. Aesthetic, practical... Ikebana® is good!

The plasterboard allows to renovate its interior with ease

Optimize space, a current trend

Nowadays, we develop more than we move. The optimization of existing surfaces is at the heart of the concerns. Plasterboard offers the opportunity to create new spaces and offer all interiors the flexibility needed for modern needs. As a finishing specialist, Placo® responds perfectly to these issues thanks to Ikebana® plasterboards.

Create separations with ease

Conventional plasterboards screw onto a metal frame and must be jointed with a joint strip and plaster, which requires a helping hand. The installation of Ikebana® plasterboards, without these two technical steps, is much simpler. Ikebana® plates are bonded to the specific double-sided adhesive (supplied with the plates) and sit edge-to-edge on a metal frame. An implementation that offers many benefits, including a saving of time (and money) not insignificant.
Indeed, site preparation is limited: no coating, sanding (so no gypsum dust) nor drying time.
Side finishes, again gain time and simplicity are at the rendezvous. A simple rag is enough instead of cleaning hours and you do not have to start painting work...

Combining performance and aesthetics

Ikebana® plasterboards create a partition or wall cladding in record time (estimated to be 4 times faster than a traditional plasterboard partition). while presenting great qualities. The double-sided adhesive developed specifically for Ikebana® makes it possible to join plate and frame durably and very efficiently. Performance also in acoustic insulation and thermal insulation. And to reduce energy costs, a doubling with mineral wool can be easily achieved.
To these mechanical properties are added the aesthetic qualities. The laying edge to edge shows a grooving elegant and avoids having to make joints, often not harmonious. No need to add a decor, Ikebana® plates are already provided. With more than 42 colors and 18 patterns, the finishes are assured.

Adopt Ikebana® plasterboard

Create new surfaces, redistribute existing space, dress damaged walls without grouting or painting: Ikebana® can be used in both new and renovation. To know all the good gestures and master the more delicate aspects, find all the steps of installation in the video tutorials on the site Cutting metal frames, angled work or dubbing around a window: become an Ikebana® pro. Discover also home improvement projects and with the simulator from a photo, prepare the walls, decorate your interior and share your new decoration with your friends. Real sources of inspiration to decorate your home.

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