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When combining lightness and power, a hammer drill is suitable for many uses. Drill, screw, brush, brew... this tool is versatile.

Hammer drill


Maker: Ryobi
Reference: EID750RS
Power: 750W
No load speed: 0 to 2800 rpm
Blows per minute: 0 à 45 000
Chuck capacity: Ø 13mm
Piercing capacity: 32mm wood, 13mm steel, 13mm concrete
Supplied accessories: case, auxiliary handle and depth gauge
Weight: 2,26kg
Price generally found: 65,99€


What uses?
Drilling on wood and metal, possibility to tackle the masonry with percussion mode, reversing direction of rotation allowing screwdriver function, speed adjustment to adapt to materials: this type of percussion drill offers a quite a wide range of possibilities. Especially since the relative lightness of the machine makes it suitable for working with accessories such as rotating brushes and mixer for painting.
Good ergonomics
Over the years, it becomes difficult for a new model to surprise by its functions. Also, it is especially on the side of the comfort of work that one must look for evolutions. The handle and a part of the engine block are covered with a very effective anti-slip cladding. As with any percussion model, an auxiliary handle with depth gauge is provided. Again, sheathing is required.
In use
No criticism of grip and overall balance. The machine is brave in the face of wood and the masonry holes are within reach. But if the pace is sustained in the effort, the blame comes from speed selection. When a manufacturer reports from 0 to 28,000 rpm, it is assumed that the speed selector covers this range, or that the trigger acts as an accelerator. But nothing of the sort here, and it is difficult to obtain a slow speed, even turning the wheel at the bottom of the "minus". Result: the attack of the metal is done too fast speed and, especially, the function of screwing-unscrewing becomes hazardous, taking into account the too high speed.


  • Good weight / power ratio
  • Effective percussion

The lessers

  • Adjustment at low speed impossible
  • No tree lock

Our opinion

An honorable drill all uses and percussion. Too bad the setting in slow speed is impossible, because we lose the benefit of screw-unscrewing mode.

Cross important pieces of wood

Cross important pieces of wood

Power sufficient to cross pieces of wood of good section. Even by multiplying the holes, the machine does not trouble.

Percussion and depth gauge

Percussion and depth gauge

In front of the concrete, the percussion makes it possible to progress slowly but surely. And the metal depth gauge is placed right under the gaze.

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