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Suitable for drilling any kind of material, this machine has a plate that provides a right angle drilling. It also allows dust extraction by a microfilter system.

Bosch PSB 800-2 RA Impact Drill


Absorbed power: 800 W
Returned power: 420W
Ø maxi drilling:

  • concrete: 20 mm
  • steel: 13 mm
  • wood: 40 mm

Vacuum speed:

  • 1st speed: 0-900 rpm
  • 2nd speed: 0-2 800 rpm

Typing frequency: 47,600 cps / min
Max torque:

  • 1st speed: 46 Nm
  • 2nd gear: 18 Nm

Weight (with microfilter): 2.4 kg
Sound level: 97 dB (A)
Price generally found: 149,95 euros
* Manufacturer data

Getting started

This new version is conceived in the same spirit as the range of Bosch RCA drills, with dust extraction (our Actualitest of June 2004). More efficient, it uses an aluminum arm, mounted on the auxiliary handle, and it has a wider support plate.
It also has two rotational speeds, a detail that is important because the slower speed makes it possible to obtain a much larger torque (here, 46 Nm in speed 1 against only 18 Nm in speed 2). The inverter is integrated in the trigger and the reverser of the direction of rotation falls right next to be operated by the thumb or forefinger. On the top, a rocker to switch to percussion mode.


For wood, metal and masonry, this new machine is used outdoors without the suction accessory. We then have a "classic" drill, with a rear handle covered with a comfortable grip, (this is not the case of the auxiliary handle at the front). The 800 W offers good drilling capabilities for this type of machine and the vibration transmission when drilling concrete is reduced.

Indoors, the microfilter system installed on the auxiliary handle makes it possible to drill the masonry without dirtying the floor. This system gives good results, but we must think about emptying the suction tray regularly. It is especially important to shake the filter to remove the dust particles or lose part of the suction force at the filter.

The suction plate also serves as a guide plate for drilling perpendicularly. Once the work is finished, a double shutter makes it possible to close the lights of passage of the drill, a way of avoiding to pour the dust sucked up while handling the machine.

In all cases, the trigger is very progressive, which facilitates the initiation of drilling in the tiles.

More and less


The suction system prevents dirt in the work area, an important point when working in a room with carpet on the floor.

The two speeds make it possible to have a large torque at low revs, which is very useful for drilling wood and metal.

The self-locking chuck and automatic shaft lock facilitate the change of drill bit.

The lessers

The front handle used alone, without the microfilter, suffers from a too smooth coating.

This same handle hinders a little handling of the gearshift, especially with the microfilter installed.

The dust container must be emptied frequently and the filter unclogged.

Our opinion

With two speeds, drilling or screwing, its non-slip and anti-vibration softgrip handle, the brand is now moving towards top of the line compared to previous versions. A versatile tool to drill inside which offers in addition a clean sanding.

Essays, text and photos A. Fuksa

Sliding drilling

Sliding drilling

Pressing on the base, the machine slides gently on the aluminum arm. As the drilling progresses, the particles remain trapped in the base.

Dust extraction

Dust extraction

The cartridge that collects the particles is detached from the base by pressing on each side. Empty it regularly and unclog the filter.

Video Instruction: Bosch PSB 850 2 RE Test von M1Molter