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I wish to perfect the insulation of the hedgerow -semi lost - of my house and would like to have your opinion on the envisaged developments. The current insulation of the roof dates from 1972 and consists of glass wool with vapor barrier (type IBR) placed between joists is about 20 cm. On this glass wool I was brought in 1980 to put, on almost the whole height, the fences of 18 to protect it, following the penetration of snow (roof in flat tile).These tricks which rest simply on the insulation do not really crush and allow to move in the roof if necessary. SEE PHOTOS BELOW I want to improve things while keeping this provision: 1 / Ensure an air gap between the stairs and the insulation by nailing 27 battens on the joists (the flights being rested free on the battens) and no longer risk compressing the glass wool) 2 / Then spread 20 cm of rockwool on the entire roof (partly directly on the glass wool, partly on the battens (the latter will be "buried") but in case of displacement, avoid the risk of crossing the ceiling in bacculat.) 3 / In the central part of the attic where one can stand, I envisage the installation of roofmate plates fixed under rafters 4 / To avoid dust penetration, fix an HPV screen film under the rafters on the whole frame QUESTIONS 1 / Will the presence of the flaps generate a counter-performance of the complementary insulation? 2 / The HPV screen film is- is it appropriate? he at the ventilation of the height? Can you give me the references of a movie of this type? 3 / Is there any incompatibility to juxtapose rock wool on glass wool, as I read on the EDF website 4 / The laying of roofmate under rafters is it consistent?

According to what you tell me, you only have a thickness of 20 cm of glass wool, which is insufficient today (it would take 30 cm). I'm always opposed to adding one insulation to another, even when it comes to neighboring products like glass wool and rock. Your idea of ​​increasing the thickness of the joists is good.Remove your planks, woolen glass and place rafters of 10 cm on the existing one. Put the same type of glass wool between the joists (but 30 cm thick) and replace your planks. HPV displays are quite satisfactory for the use you want to make.

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