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I installed my gas central heating 7 years ago with my son-in-law and... your book on plumbing. My question: the non-habitable attic of my house are isolated by 20 cm of glass wool on the floor, between joists (BA 13 below). I would add 10 cm in the other direction (without vapor barrier, but I can not find) and also isolate on the beams under tiles with a thin insulation, because in the volume between the tiles and the wool is cold winter and very hot summer (group VMC). Is it possible?

An undeveloped and unobstructed crawl space serves as a buffer. It is therefore logical that it is cold in winter and hot in summer. The fact of wanting to implement a "thin insulation" under creepers is not an accepted solution as effective. If the insulation on the ground is considered too small, it is indeed wise to add a thickness of insulation. The manufacturers propose glass wool and stone wool without a vapor barrier, under the name "naked felt" or "uncoated". An alternative is to spread loose mineral wool over existing insulation or between floor joists.

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