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On the floor of an old house, there is a fireplace per room, closed by a plate at the fireplace (unknown wood or brick assembly). Result: there is more ventilation in these rooms whose windows are equipped with air intake. How to ensure a simple ventilation of these rooms:
a) put an adjustable ventilation grille on each plate,
b) put a ventilation grille on the top of the flue, at the ceiling?
c) another solution?

To improve the ventilation of a room, using a chimney pipe abandoned for several years does not appear as a good solution (soot, dust, loss...). Note, however, that if these ducts are condemned, they must nevertheless remain ventilated, by an air intake in low position.
If the air intakes provided on the windows seem insufficient, and in the absence of more precise information, only the installation of an insufflation ventilation with central air treatment, or a controlled mechanical ventilation If you have room to pass the ducts (VMC) could solve the problem.

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