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I changed my door in 2015 with 0.9 thermal insulation satisfactory but I am very disappointed with the sound insulation. Can we improve this defect by an inner doubling.

For improve sound insulation of a gateway, priority should be given to ensuring the good sealing of the peripheral joints. Indeed, a well insulated door but poorly mounted will be ineffective at this level. Once this verification is done, and if one does not notice any improvement, one can double it interior side, with panels sufficiently powerful on this level: cork panels, panels made of mineral fibers, from wood fibers, etc., the difficulty is to retain a high-performance material at the acoustic angle, while being sufficiently resistant to shocks.
These tips apply to a full door. If the door is semi-glazed and / or relatively worked, the creation of an entrance lock, with a second interior door made of solid wood, will bring the best results, without having to intervene on the front door.
Finally note that a thick fabric door will improve theboth acoustic and thermal insulation.

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