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The fittings are an integral part of the gutter system and these elements contribute to a perfect seal of the entire installation. How to choose the right fitting? Where to install it? Why?

Gutter connections

We can find several possible configurations of fittings for gutters and gutters: profile / angle, profile / profile, birth / profile. The choice can be made between three main materials, in this case zinc, aluminum and PVC and the shape can be half-round or square depending on the type of gutter.

Thanks to the connections, the gutter remains well waterproof. With regard to the assembly, two main methods are conceivable. First gluing, which is nonetheless impossible in case of presence of seal, and then the mounting from the outside which is suitable for metal fittings. Here, it is necessary to provide a spacing of about ten millimeters for the silicone seal.

Some models of fittings already include a seal which allows to obtain a perfect seal without adding glue.

Which gutter fitting to choose?

It is essential to select the fittings adapted to the type of gutter which makes it possible to optimize the sealing in order to avoid the risks of water leaks and the flows. The first criterion to take into account is simply the material. It is essential to combine the same materials so that the different elements of the installation can evolve in the same way. The ideal would be even to opt for accessories offered by a single brand (or better still, parts of a single range of products). In this way, the adjustment of the gutter / fitting assembly is optimized.

In the same way, it is recommended to favor identical joints and profiles because the connections must be perfectly molded to the profile of the gutter for a perfect fit.

Installation of gutter connections: the rules to follow

The installation of the fittings may seem an innocuous phase, while it is not so! Indeed, the assembly of the connections must be done in the rules of the art in order to avoid any leak of water and to ensure a good sealing.

Above all, it is necessary to take into account the type of material which must in particular be taken into account in case of gluing. The fixing product must be adapted. In case of welding during assembly (tin in particular), it is better to use the expertise and expertise of a professional expert in this field. In fact, the impermeability of the exterior walls, which limits leaks, humidity and molds inside the rooms, is entirely based on the choice of the correct size of the joints and profiles and their meticulous placement.

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