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I am a tenant in a social building, with gas heating there is a collective boiler but each tenant has his own meter or I just received the regulation of heating expenses for the year 2008-2009 and my expenses have been distributed to thousandth so I paid for 91m2 or 387.14 euros (for 2119kw consumed). So I will pay for the people who make their heating go with the windows open !! Am I entitled to challenge and to whom to contact me?

There is a law stipulating: "The legal obligation of the individualisation of the expenses of heating was introduced by the article 4 of the law n° 74-908 of October 29th, 1974 relative to the energy saving, quoted with the Article L. 131-3 of the Code of Construction and Housing (CCH) ".

So there is no reason for social landlords to escape especially if the individual meters are installed. Write a letter with Acknowledgment of Receipt to the landlord telling the facts. If there is no reaction, enter the magistrate (it's free and you can do it without the assistance of a lawyer) and ask to record the amount of the charges in an account Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation as long as your lessor does not comply with the law. Also enter the Ministry of Housing and Social Affairs.

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