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You want to green your home by installing plants but you start in the field of gardening? We suggest you to take note of some houseplants that are easy to maintain, that they like almost anywhere, and whose care is limited or absent.

Houseplants easy maintenance

Houseplants easy maintenance

Easy care plants: cacti and succulents

If you want plants that have pretty green leaves all year round, turn around without hesitation. plants of the cacti family. Cacti and succulents are indeed plants very resistant and undemandingsince they adapt as well in a sunny or semi-shaded room, and that their water needs are reduced: you can just give them some water in summer once a week, and do not water them in winter because they enter a resting phase.

Houseplants Easy Care: Ivy

Ivy is a plant with foliage persistent of a tender green that belongs to the category of climbing plants, and this one evolves particularly fast. This plant is one of the most suitable for people who want easy-care indoor plants, since it adapts to all climates and all types of soilsalthough she prefers not to be exposed to direct sunlight. Ivy is a plant that requires very little care and watering, it requires very little in summer and does not need to be watered in winter. Just think to bring him a little liquid fertilizer every 15 days in times of growth, and your ivy will be sumptuous!

House plants easy to maintain: chlorophytum

Chlorophytum is a popular plant for its striated green foliage, often referred to as a "spider plant" because of the original shape of its foliage. This plant thrives particularly well in the bright rooms without direct sunand she will appreciate the humidity of a bathroom and kitchen as well as a dryer room like the living room. It needs moisture but not excess water, so you will need a well-drilled pot, but watering will be moderate and limited to once to twice a weekand it will be even less common in winter.

Houseplants easy maintenance: phalaenopsis

If you want a flowery plant easy to maintain, turn without hesitation to the phalaenopsis, a variety of orchid that offers beautiful flowers in winter and spring. This plant can be put in the hands of beginners because it adapts in many different atmospheres: it can be placed as well in the direct and indirect light, and only requires one weekly watering.

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