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Among the types of pools, if there is one that makes you dream even more than all the others, it's the indoor pool. Imagine you can enjoy the pleasures of swimming, while outside it rains, it sells, it snows... What a luxury! But how to properly integrate an indoor pool into a home and how to choose the right pond model?

The indoor pool

The indoor pool

In which room to install its indoor swimming pool?

An indoor pool can, under certain conditions, integrate into an already existing room. But the ideal is still to build a specific place to accommodate the basin.

  • Integrate your indoor pool into an existing room. This room must be able to support a heavy basin filled with water and giving off a constant humidity. Not to mention the odors that can emerge treatments. A pool also generates noise (resonance, noise from technical equipment).
    It should be preferably a room on the ground floor and well insulated from the rest of the house. The ideal is to have an access by the house but also by the outside. Natural lighting with large windows will give an impression of space and will be all the more enjoyable. Good ceiling height is also necessary.
  • Install his indoor pool in an extension of the house. This is the best solution because this room will be specifically designed to receive the pool. You can include large windows that open in summer or even choose a veranda. Its characteristics must be the same as those described above.
    If the indoor pool is installed in an existing room and does not require any conversion of volumes or facades, you have no administrative authorization to request. If, on the other hand, you build a specific extension, according to its surface you must file a preliminary declaration of works (less than 20 m²) or a building permit (more than 20 m²).

What type of indoor pool to install?

For an indoor pool, it is most often the underground pools that are preferred, such as the pool masonry or possibly kit. A mirror pool, for example, will have a cachet like no other.
Nevertheless, a beautiful above-ground wooden pool can perfectly find its place and integrate with raised beaches.
The shell pool can only be considered if it is installed before the room is completely closed.

Choose the size of your indoor pool

As for the basin sizeIn addition to your budget, the main constraint will be the size of the room. The size of the pond must be proportional to its size. Not to mention that you must be able to circulate around the pool. Provide a relaxation area, you will enjoy your pool even better. And choose simple shapes. A pool too choppy in a rectangular room, will lose its charm.

Do not choose not a pool too deep especially if you integrate it into an already existing room. Unless you have checked if the foundations were able to withstand it, do not exceed 1.50 m of depth.

Fashion is at the mini pool. Equipped with a counter-current swimming system and massage jets, it will allow you to enjoy the pleasures of swimming while remaining reasonable for the volume of water to be heated.

Choosing the right coating for your indoor pool

The question is essential for the longevity of the basin. The problem is different from that of an outdoor pool. Indeed, the liners are not adapted to withstand water constantly heated to 28 or 30°. So you have the choice between the reinforced PVC membrane or the tiles. Tiling is the most aesthetic solution.

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