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All models of induction hobs are equipped with various safety systems. From the heat indicator, to automatic shutdown and overheating, nothing is left to chance here. All you need to know about the most secure cooking system, follow this article.

Induction hobs: security systems

Induction hobs: security systems

Residual heat indicator of induction plates, anti-scalding safety

An indicator light (red) comes on as soon as the induction hob is switched on.
This indicator signals the heat emitted by the plate until it is completely cooled, thus avoiding the risk of burns.

Induction hob and safety: anti-overflow

Automatic overflow safety is installed on all induction hobs.

In case a pan starts to overflow, the table cut his own diet as soon as the liquid reaches its control panel.

The anti-overheating of induction hobs

The anti-overheating system works even if the cooktop is turned off. The temperature of the induction plates is thus constantly controlled.

In the case where overheating is detected, a cooling fan triggers automatically.

Induction safety system: detection of containers

The induction table only works when a saucepan is installed on its hearth.
In fact, the container detection system will automatically cut off the heating of the plates if the pan is removed from the "fire".

Locking the controls of the induction hob

Locking orders is a child safety essential present on all induction hobs.
This function blocks the control panel, so that the curious can not change the cooking parameters.

Automatic shutdown of the induction hob

The automatic switch off of the induction hob cuts off the power supply in case of prolonged cooking. Thus, the system avoids all forgetting, thus avoiding the risk of burning the dish, damaging its coating or even trigger a fire.

Safety systems against induction failures

A detector locates and warns immediately of the low intensity of the induction table (a failure that induces the intervention of a repairer).

Another system detects potential poor connections, thus avoiding any damage to the device.

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