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Industrial manufacture of concrete block

The concrete block material is manufactured according to the principle of molding a concrete with constant proportions and qualities. The various installations of this manufacture are constituted in their majority, by fixed presses with immediate demolding, using a principle of compaction of the concrete based on a vibration combined with a compression.

Block production cycle

Block production cycle

The release surface of single presses allows the manufacture of 5 to 6 blocks of type 20 x 20 x 50 per board for a cycle time of 12 to 16 seconds. There are also double presses that allow the production of 12 blocks per board.
The production can reach 1,300 to 2,600 boards for an operating time of 8 hours.

When the concrete arrives from the power plant where it is manufactured, to the press where it will be shaped, it is injected into the molds (whose bottom is constituted by a wooden or metal board), by a drawer system mobile.
The concrete contained in the mold is compacted under the combined action of vibration and pestle.
The products thus formed are demolded, either by ejection under the mold, or by lifting the mold, the fresh products being held on the board by the pestle.
After the demolding, the products are evacuated on their board to curing chambers.

Automated handling

Automated handling

The blocks are manufactured in factories with automated facilities.
They ensure:

  • constant control of the manufacturing process;
  • regularity of product quality (appearance, strength, dimensions);
  • high productivity, guaranteeing high competitiveness;
  • a strong production capacity, able to satisfy the needs of the market.

These are first
The concrete plants which prepare the base material to be conveyed to the presses.
The presses form the blocks by molding and then evacuate them, freshly molded, on the boards towards the curing chambers.
The hardening chamberswhere after self-baking for 24 hours, the blocks are palletized and evacuated to the outdoor storage prior to resumption for transport.
of the handling systems They are also completely automated and avoid the hassle of these workstations and ensure:
  • the evacuation of the demoulded blocks on the boards;
  • the storage of these boards in hardening chambers (self-baking technique);
  • palletizing hardened products (generally after 24 hours of curing);
  • recycling boards in the machine.

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