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I had a terrace redone in 2003 following infiltrations in the basement I did not sign end of work not being satisfied with the result. Since then, I have challenged with M.A.I.F, my home insurance, that it intervenes with the company M.B.E, no result in my favor. Incompetent experts... candelot salt stains on white, black tiles? The joints are jumping... the tiles are cracking! The cause according to experts: poor maintenance on my part, I must use hydrochloric acid to clean! Since 2010, the steps of access to the house become dangerous, the tiles fall, the cement screed appears, the tiling is cutting. The insurance is powerless with the company. Who can help me get satisfaction? The ten-year guarantee can not intervene.

You do not specify if your infiltration problems were resolved before the construction of this terrace. If this were not the case, it could explain the current state of the damage.

Let me explain: Candlot salts only form in the presence of an attack of sulphates or chlorides, that's why the expert thought that you clean the soil with acid... When they are present in quantity important, these salts produce a swelling of the concrete which leads to its cracking. The cracks produced are usually quite thin, but the swelling of the concrete can cause joints and tiles to blow up. It is interesting to know that the provocative substances these phenomena often come from industrial or urban pollution.

Two solutions: either the land on which your home was built was polluted, or external pollution was brought by the water during the infiltration of your basement. It will be necessary to determine the cause. You say you have not signed the reception of the work. So you were already dissatisfied at the time, but you do not specify the reasons. You can attack the company for "poor workmanship" but know that if an external cause degrades your terrace, you will have little chance that your claim succeeds.

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