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A water table passes under my house built in poured concrete (1939). Hair lifts (dark spots and saltpetre on north exposed exterior wall). Walls 30 cm thick. Diagnosis done by professional. Proposed solution: resin injection holes at 10 cm from the ground at a distance of 20 cm outside the wall. Humidity control 6 months after work. Good solution?

The proposed technique is in fact the creation of a chemical barrier, recommended in the case of frame already reached by moisture. It is a mixture of quartz cement and resins that charge in water, hardening to change into hydrophobic crystals before filling all the micro cracks thus blocking the capillary rise.

This is an interesting solution but one that does not work every time, if there is no sealing at the level of the foundations and if no strip of arase has been posed without discontinuity in the thickness of the walls, the problem certainly comes from there. To improve the watertightness of your house, in addition to the installation of the capillary cut, you should double the buried walls with a waterproof coating. For this, you must disburge around the house, drain and strengthen the watertightness on this level.You will be able to take advantage of it to make a thermal INSULATION at this level.

Of course, the solution is above all in the diversion of the humidity of the house by a good peripheral drainage.

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