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Innovations and success of the year in the tooling department.

This week, Handyman Dudimanche went into the basement of the bazaar of the City Hall, more commonly known as the BHV, to make you discover the latest novelties and great successes this spring tooling radius. Thus, we followed Olivier, a salesman as competent as jovial, who guided us during a whole afternoon in the mazes of this big Parisian store swarming with customers in a hurry and salesmen constantly solicited.

Power tools.

Innovations and success of the year in the tooling department.: tooling

After a quick presentation, Olivier takes us to the drill department to present the flagship model of the store, the Bosch cordless drill-driver drill hole NOO. It is a tool able to cross a lot of materials, such as concrete, which is particularly appreciated for its compact shape and its lightness (1.2 kilo), making it accessible to all. Also at Bosch, our seller shows us a multifunctional and innovative tool, the PMF 10,8 LI sanding cutter, with many interchangeable accessories for cutting, grinding, sawing, grinding, milling or sanding, in any position. Finally, note that in case of slippage uncontrolled, the blade of this tool will not cut you, a significant advantage for clumsy or beginners. To finish on the portable, Olivier tells us that lately, he has not really seen any innovation, but rather evolutions. Indeed, he points out that the tools are more compact, ergonomic, but also lighter without affecting their performance. These evolutions respond to the demand for a new type of clientele, particularly women, who are more and more numerous to tinker with. Finally, Olivier tells us about the batteries always more powerful for a maximum of autonomy. It also tells us that soon our power tools will be powered by lithium polymer batteries giving us more power for longer use.

Hand tools.

When we approach hand tools, Olivier does not know where to start, because in this sector the news is not lacking. At random from a display, he shows us two clever kits Makita. The first has a removable adjustable wrench that can turn into a screw head. A tool whose ingenuity is at the end of the handle, which has an appendage for tightening force. The same applies to the second kit comprising a screwdriver with an extension for angle return where the novelty is also in the handle, in the middle of which it is possible to fix sockets for a cross clamping. Then a few meters further on, we stop in front of the Facom showcase from which olivier proudly takes out a new multi-bit ratchet, from 8 to 19 mm, a unique and very practical tool. Also at Facom, he presents us a small wallet-sized plastic case, the handyman's Swiss army knife including no less than:

  • A ratchet "palm of hand" and accessories (2 extensions, 1 cardan),
  • Ten sockets from 5.5 to 14 mm,
  • A bit holder,
  • A short handle,
  • Twenty-two mixed tips (slot, Pozidriv, Phillips, hexagon, Tamper Torx, 1 socket bit).
Another novelty, the multiple clamp with a push button that allows you to adapt precisely and especially firmly the spacing of the clamp. Finally, we will retain the Japanese saw futuristic design whose coating of the handle is slip-resistant for comfort of use.

Innovations and success of the year in the tooling department.: tooling

New accessories.

We end our visit with an overview of the consumable range where Olivier presents me his favorite product of the moment, the lubricant 3 in 1, water repellent, releasing and lubricant with its new head two positions for a wide or precise spray. We then go in front of the gloves or olive proudly shows me the new model Xtreme comfort, gloves to protect the hands while remaining as accurate as possible. Then in front of the abrasives, Olivier says he is looking forward to the delivery of a new silicon carbide paper, an extremely powerful and especially self-sharpening abrasive whose life time will be longer than traditional abrasives.

Finally to conclude this report, Olivier, seconded by his colleagues in reinforcement, gives us the name of the best-selling items in the DIY department of the BHV: screwdrivers, cutters and meters.

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