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Installation of a fixed air conditioning

Thanks to its functions of heating, cooling, ventilation and dehumidification, this reversible air conditioner regulates automatically the temperature and the degree of humidity of the room. As a result, such an installation guarantees optimum comfort all year round.

Necessary material

  • Line detector
  • perforator
  • 90 mm hole saw
  • Bubble level and pencil
  • Massette and chisel
  • Screwdriver-unscrewing


  1. Aerothermal or air-to-air air conditioning
  2. Air conditioning installation

Aerothermal or air-to-air air conditioning

The aerothermal air conditioning is based on the use of an air-to-air heat pump (outdoor unit) or air-to-air heat pump, capable, when it is reversible, of drawing the calories from a room to evacuate them to the outside ( to refresh) and vice versa to draw the calories outside to return them inside (to heat). For this type of air conditioner, there is therefore an outdoor unit, the heat pump, and one or more indoor units ("splits") providing ventilation and temperature management, and a condensate drain device. It is sometimes criticized this type of air conditioning to be relatively noisy. The device is programmable, including its reversibility. This system requires only a minimum of interventions.

Installation constraints of an air conditioner

The laying of a air conditioner monosplit or multisplit imposes some constraints, including the fixing on a sufficiently solid wall, as well for the outdoor unit as for that located inside (unlike a monobloc air conditioner). Nevertheless, the outdoor unit can also be placed on sufficiently stable ground. The indoor unit (split), which distributes cold air (or hot air) must always be positioned higher than the outdoor unit, the maximum distance between the two elements being defined by the total length of the connection hose, 4 m in general. The indoor and outdoor units must be permanently accessible, that is to say fixed at less than 2 m from the ground.
Commissioning by a professional
All the steps described in this sheet can be carried out by a good handyman, but commissioning must be performed by a professional alone to work on the refrigerant gas (or refrigerant). The latter will be responsible in particular for the connection of the refrigerant circuit, the leaktightness of the connections, the "draw" to the vacuum, the possible addition of gases, the tests in hot and cold modes. It will be able to perform a thermal balance of the installation. He must be EGR certified.

How to pierce the wall to install an air conditioner

Fixing the support

Fix the support on the wall the support of the split.

1. Get a pipe detector, useful for checking that no piping or electrical cable is in the wall, where it is intended to drill to install the fasteners of the indoor and outdoor units. Drill the wall, insert the dowels, fix the support with the screws provided, adjust the level.

Drilling a hole to the outside

Drill a hole 90 mm in diameter with a gentle slope towards the outside.

2. Depending on the installation instructions, set the position of the passage hole of the connecting pipe. Drill a hole 90 mm in diameter using a tool suitable for the constitution of the wall: hammer perforator, trephine saw, etc. This hole should be positioned gently sloping outwards, stopping to puncture just before unclogging. Outdoors, only the end of the drill bit of the bit should be protruded, which gives the exact mark for finishing the hole from the outside.

Resumption of drilling from the outside

Resume drilling from the outside to finish the hole.

3. Continue drilling from the outside in order to get a clean enough orifice. With the help of another person, install the inner element (split) on its support, while sliding, carefully through the hole, the drain tube and the cable of the outer element.

Air conditioning installation

Outside group

Establishment of the external group of air conditioning.

1. With a bubble level, draw a vertical line to guide the drain attachment to the outside of the wall. By getting help from another person, set up the outer element. Mark the position of the fixing holes in the ground. Move the unit to drill these holes, insert the appropriate dowels, reposition the unit and secure it to the ground with the lag bolts provided.

Connecting the refrigerant piping to the external element

It is now possible to connect the refrigerant piping to the outdoor unit.

2. It is now possible to connect the refrigerant piping to the outer element. Then connect the power supply to the outdoor unit, following the installation instructions exactly. Then install the hood with the screws.

Commissioning of the installation

Once the regulatory tests are done by a professional, the installation can be put into operation.

3. It remains to set up the interior equipment (split). Once the device is powered on a dedicated and protected electrical circuit, a licensed professional can perform the test cycle provided by the manufacturer. The tests being in accordance with the manufacturer's data and the regulatory operations carried out, the passage made in the wall can be filled with mortar. On the outside, use ducts for cable and pipes to obtain a perfect finish.

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