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Install a fume hood

Ideal for absorbing grease and odors, retractable extractor hoods (without external ventilation ducts) are installed in the blink of an eye.

Difficulty level:


Tools and materials needed:

A screwdriver drill
One meter
A spirit level
A pencil
A domino
A mason rule
An extractor hood with an activated carbon filter

Step 1: Prepare the installation

The hood must be placed in the center of the hob, at least 65 cm away for an electric hob and at least 75 cm for gas cooking.
Take the measurements of the hood then with the pencil, a mason ruler and a spirit level draw on the wall the location of your device without forgetting to postpone the holes.

Install a fume hood: hood

Step 2: Electrical installation

Before starting this installation, it is necessary to cut or remove the fuses from the kitchen circuit.
Make sure that the installation power is sufficient, without forgetting to check if the supply lines are in good condition and if the wire section is in compliance
Connect your hood to the electric circuit with a domino installed in a junction box that you attach to the wall, without forgetting to connect your installation to the ground.

Step 3: Mount the hood

If a bracket is provided, attach it to the wall with the dowels and other screws normally included with the hood. Check with the spirit level that everything is perfectly straight then install the hood in the brackets as directed by the manufacturer.
If no support is provided, peg and screw directly your hood on the wall in the holes provided for this purpose

Step 4: start the hood

Remove the check valve from your hood for external evacuation.
Make sure the activated charcoal filter is in place and the air vent is fully open before operating the hood.

Video Instruction: Labconco Fume Hood Installation