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Practical and effective, wireless intercoms secure your home without the need for major work. To easily make this type of installation, follow the guide!

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools and materials needed:

A radio intercom kit
A wooden pencil
A tape measure
Ankles adapted to your support
An impact drill
A screwdriver
Batteries (see the instructions for your intercom)

Step 1: Determine the location of your intercom

Outside the house, the street peg should be installed more than one meter thirty high.

Install a wireless intercom: install

The technical box is located near the street hook, but must not be accessible from outside your property.
As for the indoor handset, it can be installed wherever you like from one meter sixty, provided you respect the range indicated by the manufacturer.

Step 2: Fix the outdoor equipment.

Lay down the street coat and make sure it is square with a spirit level.
Mark the location of the fasteners on the wall with a pencil.
Then drill holes on your lines and insert appropriate dowels.
Finally, attach the hook to the wall by tightening the fasteners securely to the screwdriver.
Then fix the support of the technical box to about one meter of height.
Open the cover and insert the batteries as indicated on the instructions.
Then install the housing on its support, connect it to the street peg (run the wire along the wall or through) following the manufacturer's instructions and close it all.

Step 3: Fix the interior equipment

Before permanently fixing the base of your handset, make sure that the radio link works well from the chosen location.
Install the handset base by pegging it.

Install a wireless intercom: wireless

If your handset is connected directly to the mains, connect its base to the nearest socket.
If your handset is running on battery then it will be necessary to recharge it regularly on mains.
If your handset is battery operated, check its operation regularly.

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