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To hide your radiators, nothing like a radiator cover. Reserved for water radiators, it can enhance your home.

What is a radiator cover?

The radiator cover is a kind of cabinet that lands on your radiator to hide and decorate it. It can be wood, wrought iron or medium density wood fiber. The radiator cover is especially useful for aesthetics. Radiators are indeed essential to your comfort, but they are rarely coordinated with your interior decoration, unless you opt for a decorative radiator.

The radiator cover gives a youthful look to your water radiator: you do not need to repaint it, and its "old-fashioned" effect can easily be mitigated. One of its other advantages is that it prevents the deposit of black marks above the radiator. Your walls are protected.

The only drawback of the radiator cover is that it causes some loss of heat. This loss is not very important if the radiator cover is well designed and air can circulate around the radiator.

It is very easy to get a radiator cover: you can find it in most DIY stores, but also make one yourself. It's very easy!

Install a radiator cover

Installing a radiator cover is a very simple step. In the trade, you can find radiator heaters as a kit that you just need to clip. They adapt to the different dimensions of the radiators. Many radiator covers are available in "ready to paint" and you can customize them as you wish. Just think of using a heat resistant paint. You can also have a custom radiator cover made by a professional.

In any case, for the air to circulate well and the heat to diffuse, make sure that there is a certain distance between your radiator cover and your radiator: 10 cm at the top and 20 cm at the sides.

The radiator cover blends into your decoration. Very simple to install, it will give cachet to your interior.

Video Instruction: How to Install a Radiator Cabinet