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Pick up your eggs every morning when you have a little piece of garden, it is possible! But no place at random: location, layout of the enclosure, number of hens, perch, manger... Everything must be thought to make your poultry feel comfortable. Here are some tips for installing a henhouse in your garden...

To install a henhouse in his garden

To install a henhouse in his garden

Location of the henhouse in the garden

Choose the location of the shelter for the barnyard is essential. The hens are very sensitive to drafts and the sun. You must avoid a chicken coop exposed to wind and sun. You can protect the enclosure with windbreak palisades.

Be careful also to predators that are numerous in a garden: cats, birds of prey or foxes if you are in the countryside.

The chicken coop foundations will be mounted on blocks in the ground. The mesh of the fence must be rather narrow and the height of the fence will be made according to the selected breed of hens. Count about 1.50 meters for large hens such as "Brahma" or "Meusienne" and at least 2 meters for dwarf hens like "Java" or "Ardennaise" which are more adventurous.

The chicken coop

Installing a hen house in your garden should be done carefully if you want to give an ideal living environment to your chickens and harvest quality eggs.

  • A manger and a trough
    These two accessories must be cleaned every day for a perfect sanitary condition. And do not forget that hens also love to scratch the ground to find worms and insects.
  • Perches
    Each hen must have at least 18 cm of perch and an area of ​​6 m² per hen. These standards come from organic farming. To avoid conflicts, it is advisable to fix all perches at the same height.
  • The nest
    It is recommended 2 nest boxes for 5 chickens. The straw litter or untreated wood chips will do the trick. This bedding needs to be changed often in order to keep the henhouse very clean and avoid spread of diseases especially the gall of paws.
  • The dust bin
    The hen loves to roll in the dust because this bath maintains its plumage and rid of parasites. It is therefore wise to install in a dry place, a large tray filled with sand and wood ash.
  • Dormitories
    Add crushed straw or chipped wood chips to the dormitory as the chickens should not be cold on the paws. It is said that a "cold-legged hen does not lay"! For convenience, you can also put newspaper or cardboard under the straw, at the bottom of the dump drawer.

To put it simply, there are poultry house models ready to assemble equipped with all the necessary accessories for the well-being of your chickens. The size of the henhouse depends on the number of gallinaceae you want to accommodate.

Have a cock or not?

The rooster sings at any time and can pose neighborhood problems and even engender conflict. It is quite possible to have chickens without a rooster. In this case, the eggs will not be fertilized and you will not have chicks.

To install a hen house in his garden: What does the law say?

To install a henhouse in his garden is subject to regulations (noise and hygiene standards). It is advisable to check with your town hall to find the specific regulations for your municipality.

What there is to know:

  • If you have more than 50 hens for more than 30 days, the breeding will be considered professional.
  • A declaration is mandatory if your henhouse is more than 2 m² and a height greater than 1m80.

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