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Newcomers, water circuit breakers monitor and control the flow of water. At the slightest anomaly, they cut power, as would an electric circuit breaker.

properly install a water circuit breaker

Optional: remote control

A water circuit breaker can send all of its information remotely to a transfer module. This small display box, to be placed in the house, receives information via a transmitter connected directly to the automatic valve (RJ 45 plug). In addition to the information collected (instantaneous flow rate, leakage volume before tripping, etc.), the module emits an alarm sound signal in the event of a detected problem.

Control and analyze water flows

Some manufacturers offer systems to monitor and analyze water flows (Kéryo, Hydrelis).
• The Disjonct'eau (Kéryo) goes beyond the frame of the particular. In fact, besides the functions of the water circuit breaker (leak detection, faucet open too long...), it offers other possibilities, such as the water timer that opens the flow for a programmed time or the closure of the distribution as soon as the mains current is cut (collective building closed for the night). It has a motorized valve, to position at the head of the network, and a control box directly connected to this valve. To count approximately 1 250 € to equip itself.
• Very fast to implement, the Clip-Flow (Hydrelis) is in the form of a shallow rectangular box containing an automatic safety valve. Here again, the system is at the head of the distribution network, near the water meter or in a service room such as the garage. This time, no power supply or direct coupling on a control box. The unit has an independent power supply (lithium battery) designed for a lifetime of 7 to 12 years. If an anomaly is detected, the cutoff is automatic and a lever on the housing rises. Once the problem is resolved, the reset is done by lowering the lever, the system automatically resetting. Count a budget of about 470 €.

Automatic water cut

Clip Flow water cutoff system

The implementation of the Clip-Flow system is within reach of DIYers. Apart from the welding required to insert the circuit breaker into your water network, the installation requires no special skills or electrical connections (delivered ready for installation, independent power supply). This automatic valve works both vertically and horizontally. From the beginning of the water flow, the electronics contained in the device record the flow and follow it until it stops. If the flow is stable and continues without flow variation, the unit will assume that it is an anomaly and will cut water (beyond a certain volume of water).
• The system trip time is a function of the stabilized flow level. The higher the flow rate, the shorter the reaction time. For example, a bath left with the faucets open triggers the break after 12 minutes, compared to 20 minutes for a forgotten sink faucet and 45 minutes for a leaking flush.

Install a water circuit breaker

automatic valve connection

  • Connecting the automatic valve near the water supply can be enough to keep the installation safe.
  • Optionally, the transfer module and its transmitter complete the equipment.

Implement protection

connection to the valve network

  • The simple connection to the network of the automatic valve is sufficient to implement the protection.
  • If you want to add the module, you must clear the RJ 45 connection.

Place the transmitter at a reasonable distance from the metal masses

transmitter installation

  • The sender will take care of sending all the information to the module.
  • It is advisable not to place it too close to the metal masses for better reach.

Initialize the electronic system

initialization of the electronic system

  • The automatic valve is started by lowering the reset lever.
  • This maneuver immediately leads to the initialization of the electronic system.

Feed the report module

resetting the report module

  • The transfer module is powered via a transformer plug connected to the mains.
  • For a discreet installation, provide an electric baseboard to hide the wire.
  • At the time of commissioning, it is necessary to initialize the transfer module so that it recognizes the automatic valve: press the off button of the valve for 10 seconds.

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